Final Project

What?? It’s only October!!! I know, however, there are some students who like to get a headstart on things and even though our final projects are not due until April, I would like to give everyone am an overview of what your final project will be.

In Spring, we will begin discussing more in-depth food vocabulary and bartering grammar. You and a partner (you will be allowed to choose but it has to be someone with me as your teacher and in the same class period) will be making a product. Whether that product is cupcakes, decorating notebooks, or making hairbows… it is up to you.

After you make this product (minimum 60 of whatever you choose) you and your partner will be selling your products.. in Spanish. You will need to make posters (minimum 5… they can all be the same but print 5 copies) for your product (I will show a template in class)We will meet in the lunchroom with all of the other Spanish classes of our hour and you will be ‘selling’ your products and ‘buying’ other students’ products.

Each student will receive 30 fake dollars to barter with other students and while you are bartering your partner will be trying to sell your products. Halfway through we will switch and you will sell while your partner buys. At the end of the hour, we will meet back up, I will take all of your excess money and the pair with the most money leftover will receive 5 extra points. This will show who has the best bartering skills and who was able to make the most bang for their buck, and who was also able to not budge in price while selling.

As I said, you and your partner can choose any sort of school-appropriate product to make, however, everyone always seems to love food and being able to not only incorporate the bartering grammar but the food vocabulary as well will be great practice for you and your peers.

As I mentioned, these will not be due until April, however, we will be discussing it a bit in the coming weeks. If you have any questions fill out the contact box below and I will get back to you all ASAP

Ms. Heninger

Reading Assignment (10/12)

Good evening class. For Friday (10/20), I would like everyone to read this article (please feel free to ask me any questions about it and translate words you do not know… not the entire article) about the recent epidemic in Latin America. Please write a few sentences (3-5) reacting to the article and what you think the solution to the problem is. If you have another article that relates to this topic, please share it with your comment.


Extra Credit Opportunity

A few students have asked me about having a Friday class snack day. I am all for this, and hae decided to give those who bring a snack on Fridays extra credit. 3 points of credit will be given to those who bring snack ON THEIR CHOSEN DAY. I will have a sign up sheet in class starting tomorrow for students wanting to bring in snacks starting October 20th, and going to our last day of class, May 25th.

You may sign up for as many days as you would like, however, credit will only be given for up to 3 dates ie. 9 extra credit points

Have a great night everyone and see you all tomorrow morning

Ms. Heninger